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The Mayor's invitation

 Dear Sirs and Madams

             Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

You are most warmly invited to visit the Town and Commune of Serock which is a picturesque area placed by Zegrzyński Bay not far from Warsaw (40 km). Massive groups of visitors and holidaymakers are attracted here by excellent recreation conditions, clean environment rich in flora and fauna specimens as well as good grade monuments.

Well-developed infrastructure, telecommunications devices, convenient road connections and a great reserve of building plots are among favourable factors for the realization of many investments in the Town and Commune of Serock.

We put a great impact on the development of the hotel and recreation business and all the services related to it. Moreover, of vital importance to us is the development of farm and food industry and other branches of business which are environmentally friendly.

I am totally convinced that both tourists and investors will find our terrains attractive. Therefore, you are welcome here and I am sure that your economic decisions will be accurate and successful and you will have a nice relaxation time here.

The Mayor of the Town and Commune of Serock
mgr Sylwester Sokolnicki