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Tourist positive aspects of the Commune of Serock and tourist infrastructure

Tourist infrastructure

Tourist positive aspects of the Commune of Serock

Since the Commune of Serock is situated near Warsaw, it has a very good connection with the capital. The connection and an attractive location by Zegrzynski Bay determined the direction of development of the commune. Due to the creation of the water body near Warsaw in the 60s of the 20th century, the commune’s character was changed from agricultural into a recreational and tourist one.
The Commune of Serock is situated on the area of 27240 acres out of which 16782 acres are arable lands, 5495 acres are woodlands and 2195 acres are the waters.
Most parts of the woodlands are highly recreational terrains. The Warsaw Area of Protected Landscape covers the surface of two thirds of the commune’s terrains.
The main natural and scenic attractions are the following:
- a natural forest reserve “Zegrze”
- a natural reserve “Jadwisin” which is a part of the Serock Forest
- a natural scenic forest reserve “Szaniawski’s Gorge”
- numerous nature monuments

The Bug and Narew rivers’ channels together with the terrains adjacent to them are a place where various animal and bird species appear; the land is also considered to be a perfect tourist and recreation base.
Tourists and holidaymakers can be attracted by a most scenic location of Serock on a high embankment, at the meeting point of the Bug and Narew Rivers, diverse geomorphology (picturesquely formed erosive edges with a great number of gorges), and lush flora spreading over many layers starting with undergrowth and finishing with high trees.
Factors such as clean environment, well-marked walking trails and cycling routes, monuments and buildings of historical interest, a complex of catering, hotel and tourist facilities make this place attractive for people who come here for the summer relaxation every year. They often decide to stay here for good.


Tourist trails

The Narew red trail. It starts in the southern Zegrze before you get on the bridge on the left bank of the Zegrzynskie Lake; it ends in G±siorowo, at the commune’s borderline. The trail is 17.5 km long.

The Pułtusk black trail. It starts at the bus terminus in Dębe; it ends within the administrative borders of the Commune of Serock, in the village of Zabłocie. The trail is 18.5 km long.

The Serock yellow trail. The trail starts and ends on the Serock’s market square. It is 35.5 km long.

The Eastern blue trail. The trail starts and ends in the village of Łacha at Mazowiecka Street. It is 17.1 km long. 
Nature Reserve “Jadwisin” is a woodland covering the area of almost 250 acres. Here you can find abundant mixed forests covered with mixed tree stand.
There is plenty of nature monuments which mostly comprise of oak and pine trees. Once you are here, you cannot miss the historic Radziwills’ Palace.

Nature Reserve „The Szaniawski’s Gorge” is one of the smallest reserves on the Serock’s Commune’s territory.
The nature reserve is situated near the village of Jadwisin. It encompasses the high embankment of the Narew valley and the erosive gorge. The dominant woodland is the so-called hillside forest with mainly English oak. In the reserve there are three types of forests – a fresh forest, a fresh mixed forest and a high forest.
The representatives of the wildlife are the roe deer, squirrels and foxes; pheasants and ringdoves have their nests here. On your way you can meet a common viper which is protected. Another positive aspect of the gorge are the ruins of the Szaniawski’s manor house which are surrounded by the remnants of park stand.

Another commune’s nature reserve is “Zegrze”. The reserve covers the area of 160 acres.
The aim of this forest reserve of great natural interest is to preserve the part of natural mixed forests consisting of sessile oak. The most numerous species are the English and sessile oak, scots pine and silver birch. Other kinds of trees are larch, small-leaved lime, aspen and spruce. Taking their age into consideration, the dominant are trees which are 100-190 years old. 
Nature monuments are the single specimens of flora and fauna and geological features or their concentrations of a scientific, cultural, historic or scenic interest. They are also valuable due to their individual characteristics which make them different from the others. These include in particular venerable trees or bushes of native or foreign origin, springs, waterfalls, karsts, rocks, ravines, erratic boulders, and caves.
The main elements of nature monuments are:
- oaks and pine trees – along the Serock yellow trail
- limes – along the Narew red trail
- erratic boulders – along the Narew red trail and Serock yellow trail.


Tourist attractions

The Warsaw Area of Protected Landscape covers the surface of two thirds of the Serock’s commune’s terrains. Within this area there are situated three nature reserves – “Jadwisin”, “The Szaniawski’s Gorge” and “Zegrze”.



Sports and recreation facilities

The Town of Serock

Training Centre of the Privatization Centre-Foundation
Training and Conference Centre of the Estate Management Company
“Pan Tadeusz” Hotel***
Hotel and Training Centre Exploris
Hotel and Training Centre Narew, the property of the Bank PKO BP SA


Central Training Centre of Environment Protection and Water Economy Staff


Training and Conference Centre CSK Sp. z o.o.
Training Centre ”Kolejarz” of PKP Informatyka S.A.,
Hotel ”WINDSOR” 
Training and Recreation Centre ”ZETOM”
Warszawianka Hotel & Conference Centre ***  Wellness & SPA Aqua Park,
Training Centre for Statistics Staff


Jadwisin Conference And Tourist Center Of Prime Minister's Chancellary
Hotel and Conference Centre ”Geovita” in Jadwisin


Hotel and Training Centre of The Foreigners’ Service Company “Dipservice”
Recreation Centre “Relax”
Wierzbica – Hotel-Restaurant “Złoty Lin”


Hotel and Training Centre of the Polish Press Agency PAP S.A.,
Training Centre of Military University of Technology
Training and Recreation Centre of National Defence University
Military Sports Club ZEGRZE.

Tourist farms

Jolanta and Tadeusz Małkiewicz
Marynino 49, phone: +48 22 793 12 40
/2 rooms with 5 accommodation places, shared bathroom, kitchen facilities at guests’ disposal, self-catering/

Jadwiga Tyska
Zabłocie 29, phone: +48 22 782 72 07, Mobile +48 501 772 811
/4 rooms on one floor with 15 accommodation places, shared bathroom, kitchen facilities at guests’ disposal, catering upon agreement/

Regina Rataj
Łacha,ul. Wyszkowska 13, phone: +48 22 782 75 24 , Mobile +48 696 356 911
/5 rooms with 12 accommodation places; 3 of the rooms are with an en-suite bathroom, kitchen facilities and common living room at guests’ disposal, catering upon agreement/

Leszek Szałkow
G±siorowo,  ul. Tusińska 46A, phone: +48 22 793 10 63, Mobile  +48 886 642 160
/5 rooms with 15 accommodation places; 3 of the rooms are with an en-suite bathroom, swimming-pool, sauna, horse riding school, full board included/

Maria Chrzanowska
Jadwisin, ul. Szkolna 9, phone: +48 22 782 62 56 , Mobile 500 899 203
/3 rooms with 10 accommodation places, each room with an en-suite bathroom, kitchen facilities at guests’ disposal