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Natural values

Natural values


Land development plans take advantage of the location of the parish along the Zegrzynski Lake, and also take into account the immediate vicinity of large forest area, which allows for the growth of group and individual tourist industry.

Our advantages are:

  • Clean natural environment and absence of industries harmful to nature,
  • Beautiful landscapes and sight-seeing attractions,
  • Proximity of a large urban area,

Possibility to purchase and adapt plots of land intended for the development of tourist base for individual and group recreation. In the Serock area, we offer plots of land adapted and fitted for the realization of investments in the following sectors: individual and group tourism, housing (detached houses and apartment buildings), services, and crafts witch do not jeopardize the local natural scenery.

Long and sustained investment efforts have led to the establishment of an efficient technical infrastructure, such as water and sewage management system, gas, electric power, and telecommunications networks. The road network as well as the quality of roads can be characterized as one of the best developed and maintained in the Mazovia Province. The richness of nature and landscape The City and Parish of Serock are located on the Ciechanowska Upland (Wysoczyzna Ciechanowska) in the picturesque meander of the Narew River and Zegrzynski Lake, where the abundance of natural beauty of the place is enhanced by elements of local culture. The beauty of landscape is best exemplified by the high and steep slope of the Zegrzynski Lake, which, carved by numerous ravines, enriched by unique forms of fauna and flora, and shaped by waters of the lake, affords the most appealing and sought after tourist attraction of the region, popular with holiday-makers throughout the year. The captivating landscape can be best appreciated from the side of the lake, where it is possible to contemplate the vegetation on the slope and the fragmented terrace of the lake. Into the natural ecological system of the bands of the lake, training and leisure resorts as well as private summerhouses have been skillfully inserted. The area has a great potential for setting up walking routes for tourists. The landscape is also complemented by a variety of tree species, from slender Italian poplars, spreading black poplars, white poplars and oaks, to drooping willows and birches, to dense, low forms of brushwood. The occurrences of these species provide the basis for establishing the boundaries of areas which deserve particular and legal protection, among which there are:
'Szaniawski Ravine' (Wąwóz Szaniawskiego) nature reserve of forest and landscape, the purpose of which is to preserve the unique composition and diversity of forests which are distinguished for plant specimens characteristic of dry ground forests and also to protect the original and varied scenery.

'Zegrze' nature reserve with the objective to preserve fragments of the natural mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, with particular emphasis on durmast oak.

'Jadwisin' nature reserve - a forest range which constitutes a fragment of the Serock Primeval Forest, with a dense complex of ancient forest.

Nature and Landscape Complex of Dąbe, as well as numerous monuments of nature to be found throughout the parish. The beds of the Bug and Narew Rivers, along with the adjacent territory, provide habitat to a multitude of animal species.