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Holidays and celebrations

Holidays and celebrations

The Commune of Serock offers a wide variety of cultural and sports events. The Sports Centre provides the inhabitants with numerous fitness activities every year. The tradition is to organize sports and recreation tournaments on the occasion of Serock’s Patron Saint Day or the Independence Day. In the summer recreation and sports events are frequently organized on the local beach. Taking care of the inhabitants’ good condition, all year round the Centre of Culture offers a wide range of sports activities such as fitness, tennis, martial arts, bodybuilding, and football teams for the prospective footballers.   

The commune also provides the people with a wide range of cultural events all year round. In 2006 the Concert Hall in the Centre of Culture was officially opened; it has a professional stage and it provides many opportunities for organizing small concerts. Here one can see the stage activity of local artists who work at the Centre of Culture such as dance and theatre groups, music bands, etc. Our guests were “poetry-set-to-music” artists such as Alicja Majewska or “Czerwony Tulipan” group; we also hosted cabaret groups such as “Kabaret pod Wyrwigroszem” and “Smile” Cabaret.  

The main cultural event is the Saint Adalbert’s Day, the Serock’s Patron Saint. To celebrate this day, a number of meetings, tournaments and other events are arranged. There have been festivities organized for many years, the main attraction of which is the performance of a Polish stage star. Their performances gave music bands such as “Perfect”, “Bajm”, “Manaam”, “Brathanki” and “Urszula”.

The April 2005 events, when we mourned the death of our great compatriot, John Paul II, had a significant influence on the change of the form of Serock’s Patron Saint Day. All the festivities and events became of a solemn character. In 2006 the celebrations began on April 1; there was a ceremony of conveying Saint Adalbert’s relics from Gniezno Cathedral to the Serock church. A few days after the Pope’s death, on the Serock’s market square, a concert of a gospel group “Trzecia Godzina Dnia” was organized. A year later, during a solemn Town Council’s session on April 21 in the Serock’s town hall, Father Wacław Oszajca made a speech “Europe, John Paul, Benedict”; on the Serock’s market square “Deus Meus” band with Mieczysław Szcześniak gave their performance. Since the Serock’s Patron Saint Day and the Pope’s death anniversary are celebrated almost in the same time, we are constantly trying to connect those two events. In 2006 during the Serock celebrations there was an exhibition called “St. Adalbert – a bishop, a martyr, Poland’s Patron Saint” prepared by the Archaeological Museum in Cracow. It was the first time when the exhibition about the history of St. Adalbert and the church dedicated to him left the vault of St. Adalbert’s Church on the Main Market Square in Cracow, a place where the exhibition is permanently kept. The exhibition is now an integral part of the Serock’s Patron Saint Day celebrations together with the solemn Town Council’s session and the speech made by an eminent person.  
In Serock there are many more events taking place. In June, there is a celebration for the children on the occasion of the International Children’s Day.

One of the most significant events aiming at the commune’s promotion and making the place even more attractive is Kupalnocka – the International Folk Dance Meeting. During the event a number of folk dance groups from all over the world present the characteristics of their country.

The autumn in the Commune of Serock starts with the Fruits of the Earth Day during which the administrators of the communal villages prepare abundant baskets with crops from their fields and gardens. Every year ends with a Christmas Eve dinner in December when we sing carols together, share a wafer and we give each other our best wishes.
Serock in the Media

Due to the constant local authorities’ attempts to improve Serock’s image, the results of which are already visible among other Mazovian towns and villages, the town has become attractive among film producers. One can say that there is a trend to make films in Serock.

It is important to notice that in 2006, upon the commission of the Polish Television Second Channel, the first shots for “Cinderella” series were made in Serock. Since autumn 2006 the series have been broadcast on the Polish Television Second Channel. In 2006 “Ivan i Delfin” group, famous for their hit “Czarne Oczy”, made the shots for their new video clip here. In the last few years a series “Miasteczko” was made here, and later broadcast on TVN, an independent commercial television. Also many advertising agencies have made shots for TV commercials here.
The Town and Commune’s promotion

Serock undertakes many actions aiming at the commune’s worldwide promotion. There is a website, which is constantly updated. In 2006 there was a commune’s photo album issued presenting its monuments, attractive sites, people and photographs of the commune’s everyday life; in particular it showed those people and spots which had not been presented before and which emphasized the commune’s natural value. A number of postcards and aerial photos of the commune’s terrains have been taken. What is more, there has been an occasional seal made with the figure of St. Adalbert. The first time the seal was used was during the solemn ceremony of signing an agreement of four cities: Celleno (Italy), Ignalina (Lithuania), Lanškruon (The Czech Republic) and Serock. Every year wall calendars and calendar cards with commune’s characteristic features are published.
A most noteworthy promotional enterprise is the issue of a monthly magazine The Commune of Serock Guide, which contains all information about the most important events of the previous month. Initially, it consisted of mere 12 pages; now the number of pages has increased to 20 and the artwork and the range of topics have been considerably changed.

Cultural and educational institutions


- The Centre of Culture in Serock
- Municipal Public Library in Serock


- Recreation and Sports Centre in Serock
- Sports Club "SOKÓŁ" in Serock
- Military Sports Club in Zegrze


Within the commune’s territory there are 11 educational institutions which include:
3 nursery schools (in Serock, Wola Kiełpińska and Zegrze),
4 primary schools (in Serock, Wola Kiełpińska, Zegrze and Jadwisin),
3 junior high schools (in Serock, Wola Kiełpińska and Zegrze),
1 County Secondary School Complex which includes 7 schools such as:

- Vocational and grammar school
- Vocational high schools with the following specializations:
* Economics and Administration
* Services and Administration
* Information Management
        - Technical School of Nutrition and Home Economics
    - Vocational School; specialization – car mechanic
- Vocational School; specialization – salesperson
The Centre of Culture and the Sports Centre in Serock

The Centre of Culture and the Recreation and Sports Centre are the institutions created to arrange the cultural life of the commune and to promote active relaxation among inhabitants and tourists. Everybody can develop their interests and hobbies participating in a number of groups and sections.

The major tasks of the centres are:
* cultural education through arts promotion
* creating proper conditions for the amateur arts movement development and for making people interested in arts and science
* recognition, development and fulfilment of people’s needs and cultural and sports interests
* culture, sports and recreation popularization among the inhabitants.

In 2006 there was an official opening of the Concert Hall in the Centre of Culture. A professional stage and its equipment provide numerous opportunities to organize small concerts and artistic performances of a very high standard.

The Centre of Culture and the Recreation and Sports Centre
ul. Pułtuska 47, 05-140 Serock
Phone/fax: +48 22 782 73 50
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